WATCHNET fra Dataton


WATCHNET is powerful multi-tasking server software for custom control, scheduling and managing of Dataton WATCHOUT multi-display shows from external panels/computers.

WATCHNET provides interactive control from an unlimited number of panels such as iPhone, iPad, Android tablets/phones and Windows Surface or Mac/Windows laptop/desktop computers. The graphic user interface designer make it easy to combine text, images, buttons, sliders and other widgets across multiple panels and pages in custom compositions. Functions are assigned from a library of pre-configured actions with a simple drag-and-drop.

Use WATCHNET to control WATCHOUT shows running on display PCs or the Dataton WATCHPAX media player. WATCHNET on a single computer or panel can manage an unlimited number of systems, including power, lighting and other auxiliary functions in a WATCHOUT show.

WATCHNET offers direct control of WATCHOUT timelines and inputs, with full feedback, to monitor performance. It also offers a flexible scheduling function for fully automated control with date, time and other parameters.

A WATCHOUT 5 license key is required to run each WATCHNET system. If you already have such a license key available, simply download the WATCHNET software and follow the instructions in the user guide to get started.